Graphics project on photo editing software, CSE457 of University of Washington 42.5 b/w (full 41) Authors: Daniel Cheung, Dipsy Wong Repo:


W: Whistle, B: Bell, 2W = 1B

  • (1W each) more brushes
    • pattern brush
    • pixelize brush
    • random polygon
    • random scattered polygon
    • clone brush
  • (1W) clipped bushes
  • (1W) cursor on original image
  • (1W) swap content and original
  • (1B) change color of image (change channel)
  • (1B) blur brush and sharpen brush (wait for kernel brush)
  • (1B) undo
  • (1B) Dissolve one image into another
    • (1B1W) original image overlay
  • (1B1W) mural image (load another image without resetting)
  • (1B1W) alpha mapping brush
  • (1B1W) auto paint
    • button
    • whole image
    • alter attributes randomly
    • random sequence
  • (1B1W) gradient according to another image
  • (1B1W) edge clipping
  • (2B) filter kernel
    • need arbitrary size
    • apply button for do whole convolution
    • normalize
  • (2B) find edges
  • (2B) multiresolution automatic painting technique
  • (2B) stretch and pull image
  • (2B) curved brush that follows image gradient
  • (4B) thumbnail
  • (4B) video
  • (8B) Bayesian matting

Some very beautiful images

P.S: TBH we were really crazy in this course project, we completed the basic requirements before we officially registered into the course, or more accurately the start of the semester, and completed more than half of the bonus before the end of add drop.

For me the bayesian matting is really interesting which took me four days to do it, and I need to read a math paper to implement it (at last I found a working python code then I can understand the paper). I heard that the genius in our class done this in 1 day what the fuck